Friday, 10 October 2008

Fergus gets his groove on

Each day continues to be an adventure here in lala land. Fergus really enjoys disneyland but seems to forget this fact by the time the next day roles around and the crazy-fun of "staying in the hotel room" grabs hold of him. So we've been doing a better job of rolling with it and taking our sweet time about things. The park is open later Thursdays through Sundays which suits us best since it's well into mid-afternoon by the time we get over there (all the way across the street!). Tonight we had the honour of shutting down the Peter Pan ride and crawled out of the park close to midnight.

At the hotel pool - Fergus the Lounge Lizard Turtle:


I'm starting to get the impression that Fergus is not your average looking park guest. His unruly hair generates constant stares and whispers and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone else wearing the rubber boots in this heat. Nothing new then - just on a grander scale. But hey, the cast members (park workers) still manage to refer to him as "princess" so he's got that going for him.

You know, we love the Disneyland. It's syrupy and over-run with the "clean-cut", conforming types but whatever happy drug they shoot into the air seems to work for us. A daily dose of watching Fergus light up on the Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster doesn't hurt either:


kelli said...

oh yes, I know those stares. But I think the joy that is radiating off our kiddos tends to soften them (mostly). I know my smiles and proud to be their parent helps. I think Big Thunder Mountain was my favorite ride! I love the breeze as we came around corners and we'd hunt for the funny animals :)

Zenmomma said...

YAY! Look at those smiles! I'm so happy that you're loving your Disney experience again.:-D

FWIW I think Fergus looks just perfect.

dharmamama said...

This post reminded me of an episode of This American Life - (Act One, Across the Street from Heaven) It's one of those stories that just stuck with me.