Monday, 6 October 2008


So here's the real reason we dragged Fergus away from his comfort zone and flew him south to California - so I could selfishly fulfill a twenty year obsession and see James play live. This was hands-down the most amazing musical experience EVER. Two hours of full-on bliss! And Ferg seemed pretty excited that I had a good time - so there you go.

James, House of Blues, Anaheim, CA

Obsessive James fan number 1b and 1a (this was Mary's 4th concert in 5 nights!):

And just to complete that thought from yesterday's airplane adventure, here's James singing "I wanna go home" amongst some other short song clips. As amazing, and loud, as the sound at the concert was, the sound in this youtube video is horrendous - I'll never be mistaken for a soundguy with my wee little camera...

James at HOB

Despite being shut out of the after-party festivities, there was one added bit of excitement for Mary that happened in the parking lot (just after I left her!). I'll let her gush about it when she gets a chance. And boy will she gush!


kelli said...

Yay!! I'm so excited for you, so glad you got to hear and see them sing :)

helen said...

Yay Craig! So glad that it was *fantastic*:)
Say happy birthday to Effie from all of us!

Beachbum said...

You made it! And it looks like you were at the railing, too. Thanks for turning us onto this band, btw!

mesmith said...

Well Ginger, there's no turning back now! Glad to hear you've been sucked in.

On her way out of town, Mary dropped off not only some of em OMG brownies (James tour edition of course) but Tim's autograph as well.

Petunia said...

This is great info to know.