Sunday, 4 May 2008

Spring has sprung finally

We started today off by diving back into the Star Wars Wookiee Cookies cookbook. Last night, Grandma made us Yoda Sodas so this morning we concocted some Twin Sun Toast and Hoth Chocolate. We have had the book for a couple of weeks but only started in on it this weekend, urged on by the recent wookiee creations coming out of Chicago by our friends Max and Otto.

After our breakfast (noon-fest?), we headed outside for a wild and expansive game of blasters and light sabres. Effie had us flying our fighters through a blockade and, after some negotiations, she managed to recognize Fergus as Han Solo even though we were recreating Episodes 1 through 3 and, of course, Han wasn't around back then (or was he?).

We had a brief interuption when, up by the road, we ran into the neighbours and then walked them through our property down to the trail. Sixty five "aren't you cold Effie's" later, they headed off to the lake and we made our way back to the house for some jumping on the tramp. We got inspired by their lake talk, got the bikes out and went down there ourselves.

For dinner, we made some Star Warsian Crazy Cantina Chili and R2D2 Treats. The frozen bananas were not all that popular despite being drenched in melted white chocolate. They look a tad bit more presentable in the cookbook.


kelli said...

What fun! I'm going to read this to Alec when he gets up, he'll love those food names! I'll have to find out how to make those :)

balloonatikmama said...

Check out and scroll to the table of contents for all the recipe names:

There is a second cookbook too:

We renamed our Broccoli soup the other night:
Yoda Swamp Soup

So fun! I ate all the discarded bananas from the R2D2 treats though so I was a bit sluggish on our final attempt to get past the blockade - nearly bit it. I don't recommend that as a course of action if you are headed out on the film set for a reenactment of the blockade scene...

Rachel said...

Ohmygoodness, that sounds like the most fabulous Sunday. I LOVE the photos of all of you in your battle! And the lake is AMAZING, as is that photo of Fergus standing beside it. Wow.