Tuesday, 20 May 2008


That there is Effie and Felicity. Felicity was picked up by Rachel, Max and Otto from the American Girl store in Chicago prior to their flying out here. Rachel made an interesting video of their adventures in the store (here) as they more-than-kindly carried out our request. Watching the footage from the store makes me cringe a little but it provided Effie with enough excitement to want to board a plane for Chicago this very second. Felicity has not been out of Effie's sight since.


kelli said...

Yay for Effie! :) My girls both have the babies and a couple of dolls from Tim's parents. Kyra has enjoyed the movies about them and they've read some of the books. They don't do much with them anymore, it's on to Rock Band and vampires now *g* Man, the years fly by!

Zenmomma said...

Felicity is the doll that Qacei has too. Next time you are over we'll have to show Effie all of the clothes and things we've collected for Felicity over the years. See you soon!

balloonatikmama said...

Way to lure the Effster to Corvallis Zenma, well done. We surely need to see the new digs!

And Kelli, if we have already started with Guitar Hero, don't you think Felicity could just join the band? She cost too much to gather dust, she could play triangle?

And just for the record I'd like to say that *I* didn't cringe at the footage of the American Girl store, that was Craig, who is still harbouring some lingering resentment towards dolls from his youth or something, but don't worry, Effie will snap him out of it. He'll be taking his girlies to tea at the Chicago AG cafe in no time!

Wendy said...

Can I try to lure you to visit Georgia??? We have an American Girls Store and Cafe at our mall. Plus Shelby has the *huge* carriage for the dolls and some clothes and stuff.

And don't forget there are going to be even more of us to visit here soon. :-)