Friday, 23 May 2008

Scenes from the Life is Good Unschooling Conference

Here at the conference, Effie spends her days roaming the halls with her friends, going to funshops and making some dough off of her homemade cards. This year she hosted her own 18 inch doll funshop and did so in record time (preferring to be in the room for but half of the allotted hour!). Fergus, meanwhile, made it into the main presentation room by day two but has yet to enter a funshop room. There is something he's not comfortable with but we're not sure what just yet. He is, however, comfortable with his teen buddies and manages to beat up on MJ and Ducky quite regularly it seems! He also enjoys hanging out it the hotel room with his lego and usually can find Max and Otto doing the same, or working on their art projects, next door.

We all appear to be having a great time and are thriving in this wonderful environment. We live for this.

Effie selling cards at the untrepreneurial fair:

Fergus with his pasta and his "it gives me energy" gatorade:

Fergus helping Ronnie bang her groooovy drum:

Linnaea and Effie making clocks:

Wooping it up at the Amy Steinberg concert:

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memet said...

So my one image of Effie at LiG 2008 that was not pictured here was of her in her stylin' little floral skirt and top with her funky purse slung over her shoulder diagonally. I saw her more times daily wandering the halls than I saw any of the rest of you the whole time. She was a gal on the move!