Monday, 19 May 2008

Fergus' Portland Weekend

It is a bit of a challenge keeping rural-hick-boy from running into traffic, but otherwise Fergus is having an awesome time (as are the rest of us). Here's Ferg in punch-buggy heaven (Portland has more Bugs, old and new, per square mile than anywhere, save for Mexico City I suppose!).

Max and Fergus Inc.

Three boys asleep at dinner:

Cotton Candy at the zoo:

Riding the rails (today we went on a train, a zoo train, a streetcar and an aerial tram):

Some late-night action at the gelato bar:


kelli said...

Looks like a sweet day. And the Bugs *sigh* .. my first car was a VW bug, love them :)

Frank said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Portland is sunny, Fergus is cute, y'all look like you're having fun; but, like Kelli said, BUGS!

I had a VW bus for more than two decades and a coupla bugs in and around that. Sigh! Oh for the good old days when you could actually work on a car yourself and the parts cost two figures, rather than three... or four!