Thursday, 29 May 2008

Chip Butties for Tea

Since the mountain is slow to go to Mohammed, direct from Eng-ger-land, to us, arrived a chip-butty-making-machine AND the original UK release of the new(awesome) James (awesome) cd. The music and the fat fryer just so happened to accompany the Waynforth’s on their great post-conference west coast adventure. We’re delirious to have them (people, artery clogger, music) - we’ve been anticipating this for a while: old chip butty post.

That there is David perfecting the double-dip technique on ye olde (and expertly titled) “Fry Daddy”. The infamous chip butty (French fries, white bread, butter) is so simple, yet so incomprehensibly tasty, it is a wonder it has not caught on in America. Next up for the Pimp Fry Daddy: Mars bars!

We’ve also played around a bit, including Simon and David winning us some new songs with their stellar sKills.


Frank said...

You like chip butties but not Hostess Snoballs? Silly Canadians! (grin)

mesmith said...

Deep fried Hostess snoballs maybe. hmmm..........