Monday, 21 April 2008

We make our own long weekends

On the drive home from the ferry, after our awesome long weekend down in Everett, Fergus offers up the following (out of the blue)...

Fergus: “Actually, that was a good trip”
Mommy: “What made it good for you?”
Fergus: “The stairs… and everything else” (Fergus sometimes hung out on the stairs that led to the basement, lurking there in the mornings and even trying to sleep on a step one night)
Mommy: “What else did you like?”
Fergus: “Cocshins… umm... Coct Talk Shins… ummm... Concoctions... yea, concoctions!” (the blender got a good work-out, as noted by Ronnie)

While Frank was lured repeatedly into Lego building/ Lego destruction with Fergus in Fergus’ basement lair, there was mucho reading, crafting and drawings taking place above:

We managed to get a family hooked on Guitar Hero! Frank agreed to briefly abandon his musical past and give it a go, meanwhile Ronnie devised a wholly unique playing style revolving around her need to keep her “money hand” free from injury (either she shoots a lot of Craps or gets paid for working on computers, we’re not all together certain). But it was MJ and Chloe who ruled the six string-less guitar this weekend. In defiance of my eager mentorship and supreme shredding tutelage (they are seasoned unschoolers after all!), they advanced their noodling abilities at such a rapid rate that they boldly took this particular version of Guitar Hero where it had never gone before with their 100-percent-notes-completed prowess. Off in the corner, I smiled through gritted teeth!

(The video evidence of Ronnie's post-multi-jiggered-Margarita induced GH frenzy may or may not appear in future posts - depending on negotiations)

On the way to the playground (where most of us aged ones got dizzy beyond our comfort levels) we engaged in a scavenger hunt. We found everything except… well, who knew America had not even one solitary American Robin?!?!

The abundant generosity we experienced all weekend continued as Barbies and Bratz dolls, including a beach house and a disco-ball-tricked-out tour bus, found new homes north of the border…

Finally, as our ferry swiftly, yet smoothly, sliced through the delicately churning open waters, returning us to our happy home… and as the last vestiges of sunlight delightfully dappled and dipped below the undulating tree-lined hills of the southern Gulf Islands while a resident pod of Orcas breached majestically off starboard… and as the last ethereal calls of a nearby Whippoorwill hung in the distance… Gillian pointed out a Stegosaurus in the sky. We called her a kook and went on playing with our Barbies.


Zenmomma said...

Sounds like another magical weekend. Thanks for all the pics!!

That stegosaurus is awesome.

Frank said...

It was a wonderul weekend. In the interest of full disclosure, while Ronnie improved after alcohol, and MJ and Chloe improved in general, I tried GH just a coupla times and sucked at it completely. I blame it on the fact that I'm originally a keyboard player and can kinda play real guitar. That *must* be it; it couldn't be simply the sad reality that I just plain suck at GH.

Big fun! I'm still recuperating!

Ronnie said...

Gosh, it looks like fun!

And yet the pictures barely scratch the surface of how much we enjoyed your company (and the fact that you helped us clean out Chloe's closet).

Come back soon!

Linda said...

Oh, what fun!

memet said...

Cool Stegosaurus!