Saturday, 26 April 2008

Here and There

The nearby marina has yet to re-stock (still!) their ice cream freezer and, anyway, the store is strangely closed every time we are there. So, we are preparing a note to hang on their door:
“This Marina is not frequented solely by gruff, surly fisherpersons - gruff and surly kids visit here too… and WE. NEED. ICE CREAM (and if you can get some of those fancy Cornettos with the chocolate in the bottom, all the better). Also, if anyone has a 100 pound halibut to spare… as you drive up the hill on your way home, please roll down window and toss (gently, and in a north-westerly direction) the large, preferably filleted and freezer-ready, fish onto the first driveway after the trail. Thanks!”
Three gooses at the marina:

Today we donated some rocket balloons to the tree tops:

Here's Eff's latest creation, a SW Imperial Landing Craft:

...and... bonus material for a Saturday night... a penis joke:
Fergus was very eager to help me bbq up some pitas tonight. As he waited for me to have everything ready he got a bit distracted by the TV. Ferg doesn't do anything by halves so trying to get his attention when he's focused on "channels" is a bit of a struggle. "Fergus, Pita's ready to go on the bbq, are you still wanting to help?"...... "Fergus, the Pita is ready for you!"....... "Goooooooosssssseeeeey... pita's ready!" Finally something clicks and he bounds into the kitchen. Then he looks at me funny.

"Daddy, why did you keep calling me a penis?"............

"Noooooooooo... PITA!!!"........ "PEEEEEEEEETA"...

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