Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Life’s a Ditch

To a very small percentage of drivers (I hope), this serene locale Effie is pictured in is nothing more than a ditch into which they toss their litter. But our creek/ seasonal stream, lying mere metres below the edge of the road, has been a self-contained adventure playground for us this past week. Effie, in particular, has been drawn to it daily in her seemingly endless discovery of its various mosses, fiddleheads, rocks, skunk cabbage, pools, falls, hiding places, log bridges… not to mention the odd whale!

We imagine we are explorers.

As for the litter from passing motorists (I once naively thought that the garbage was accidentally blowing out of all the boats-on-trailers that swooped by on their way to the marina)… well, it’s an unfortunate reality and although steam still rises from my ears in reaction to this vile habit, I have come to accept that such ne’r-do-wells will receive their comuppance eventually (or perhaps they are already being punished - I mean the guy that walks down the road drinking two-fours of Lucky Beer*...? Surely he not be leading the life fantastic!?!).

At least the fast-food-refuse-removal process is made more manageable in that the litterers are usually kind enough to toss out the occasional bag. Very handy of the low-lifes to offer up something to place all their trash in. But enough of that - we be having ourselves some wonderful adventurings….

These shots are from the other end, the creek that runs into C,N&Q's old place. We went there today to think about dearly departed Minnow-dog - we're pretty sure this was one of her favorite places!

*You couldn't make this stuff up!!! From the Lucky Beer Wikipedia site: In recent years, the popularity of the beer has declined, but in selected areas in North America, the beer is still available. Lucky is commonly found all across Southern British Columbia. It enjoys an extremely dedicated following on Vancouver Island, and, though generally considered a "non-premium" beer, is consumed with an almost religious dedication in many southern BC resource towns...


kelli said...

oh man, I would SO be hangin' out by that stream :) Is that right on your property?

balloonatikmama said...

Kelli - yes, endless opportunity for exploration... our property is bordered by "seasonal streams".