Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Dandelions and Watermelons

Sure, outwardly I was excited for Effie to discover the first dandelions of the season… I even mildly encouraged a rather lengthy dandelion plucking session. But I really had to work on suppressing the urge to shout out “They’re Weeds!”“We Don’t Like Them”… and even… “Grandpa tried making wine from them once so, no, actually I do not want to ever pick another dandelion again let alone smell them fermenting!!!”

Oh, and we ate watermelon...

Down by the bay/ Where the watermelons grow/ Back to my home/ I dare not go/ For if I do/ My mother will say/ "Did you ever see a whale/ With a polka-dot tail/ Down by the bay?"


zamozo said...

Yay, Raffi!

Zenmomma said...

We've already got MANY dandelions here. Tell Effie she's invited to come gather bouquets at my house.

dharmamama said...

Did you ever see Fergus/Chasing the mergus/Down by the bay?

Real word. I saw it in a birdie book a few weeks ago, and I'm SO happy for the opportunity to use it.

You can saute the dandelion buds in a little butter - and eat the leaves. I mean, if you want to do that, you could.