Friday, 11 April 2008

Meandering to the shore

We ventured down to the Marina tonight for what seems the first time in ages, like we've been in some sort of rained-out, "gaming" cocoon all winter... which we have!

According to my family, I (as in me and apparently no one else) need to be more prepared with flashlights for future walks that carryover into the twilight hour.

We do tend to roam about and lose track of time...

(Art Shot)

In future, I am supposed to also pack some cutters to make our way through the thick underbrush, a saw to get through the downed trees that cross some of the trails, and a ladder (for reasons currently unknown). Oh, and a five dollar bill sewn into my jacket for ice cream emergencies.

Update: Effie tells me the ladder was so that we could access the old abandoned tree fort... and also bringing an extra boot might be handy as Gillian found out the hard way that she doth have a hole in her boot... dear Henry, dear Henry.

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memet said...

LOVE the art shot.