Friday, 3 August 2007

Happy Birthday - We Went To Great Heights

Well, the birthday patio lounger was too short and the balloons we (me) tied to them cut loose and floated into a tree (those colourful things in the picture at right) before she even made it out to the big let-down of a surprise but at least all this occurred on the day before the big day. So now that its actually into the early hours of her birthday things gotta be lookin up... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIKI-GILLIAN... I love you! I'll get you a longer lounge chair for your suddenly lengthy torso.

I won't be climbing the tree for your balloons.

Hey (wo)man! Now You're Really Livin:

B'day Movie


kelli said...

Happy Happy Birthday Gillian!

Yes, and again.."I LOVE your videos Craig!" They bring happy tears to my eyes :)

diana-still-evolving said...

Happiest Birthday, Dear Tiki!!!
So glad you came to join this crazy party called Life <3
Boots, Balloons, and Baubles are my wishes for you today...

Zenmomma said...

Happy Birthday Tiki!