Sunday, 5 August 2007

Island hopping

We did a day trip on the little ferry to Saltspring Island to check things out today. The normally well-prepared Gillian was quite out of sorts as the spur-of-the-moment trip caught her off-guard, with only a wee brochure from 1982 to guide her.

Saltspring is the definition of arty, liberal, organic, wholesome west coast living. So we had chicken strips, onion rings, hamburgers, poutine, corn dogs and ice cream for lunch. And then some of that thick pink drink when we got home.

On the ferry to Saltspring

Could life get any simpler and funner than placing stuff on a pin frog!?!

Organic bubblegum ice cream!?!

Phew! Good thing they had that sign there...

St. Mary's Lake

Downtown Ganges

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