Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Apparently there was some sort of lunar eclipse recently. Nobody tells us these sorts of things. It must have happened yesterday when, due to some strange alignment of earth, sun and moon, we didn't receive our daily paper and no one checked the internet.

Here we are, none the wiser, eating blackberries in our little cut-off part of the world...


diana-still-evolving said...

The first eclipse I *didn't* wake up for in a looooong time... I was feeling a bit dejected as everytime I'd hang outside with the kids to see one, the clouds would roll in and ruin the view... tuesday morning's eclipse? obscured by clouds! I'm glad I was asleep.

Shannon said...

Ahh... blackberry bliss.

I got up for the eclipse. You didn't miss anything, really. I mean, it was red, and pretty... but I was expecting something more eclipsy. Then I was so freakin' tired at the library the next day because I couldn't get back to sleep.

Have fun at your conference!