Saturday, 28 July 2007


In case it wasn't obvious, Effie's life is dominated by the musical - each one having its own Effie'ized song and dance number reprise for us all to look forward to. This is a picture of Effie's Dolly Levi get-up from current musical fav "Hello! Dolly". She's also had a long-standing relationship with Pirates of Penzance so she was thrilled when I recently brought home a Beta to DVD'ized version of her Momma's early 80's performance as Mabel in Pirates (looking for a new line of work? buy a Beta machine and charge people $40 to transfer their crappy home movies onto DVD).

So here, for your "laughing with" not "laughing at" pleasure, is 16 year old Tiki as Mabel, followed by her daughter 25 years later. Note: not the highest quality "Beta to DVD to camera capture of 14" television image to youtube" video ever. Also note, in case its not clear, the outfit Tiki's sporting is indeed a "big pink dress". Also, also note, our buddy Margaretha is in the background there somewhere and I can't remember what the name of the guy playing Frederic is so we'll just call him "Smiley":


Zenmomma said...

Wow Tiki! You are multi talented and so is your daughter. So why didn't you song at the talent show? Hmmmmm?

Rebecca said...

There is a coloratura in our midst.

Well done, Tiki! Brava! I can hear that Effie has inherited your chops (and upper register).

What can't you do, girl?

memet said...

I think you lie. I think I am stage right therefore NOT captured for posterity. Alas! Lovely to see this again, even in this poor state.