Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Thursday roundup

That darn wonderful thing is happening again (a new venture)...

One and a half weeks to go and the kids are not only packed but practicing key airport maneuvering skills:

And finally, our friend and fellow homeschooler Belle left us these words to live by:

"I can suck juice up my nose and squirt it out my eyes but they still won't let me in the gifted class"


Rachel said...

Okay, so we're about as game systems savvy as you are from reading your posts on I don't know what that cute little pink thing is that they are playing, but I am guessing some sort of game thingie? What did you settle on? And are you happy with the results? We are thinking about game systems too, and are planning to ask lots of questions and visit the gaming room at the conference so we can get something upon our return...

And lookie at those bags all packed! New suitcases for the occasion? Can't wait! And we'd better start packing too! :)

balloonatikmama said...

cute pink thing = Nintendo DS

But don't count on anyone being able to share it - we now have a cute green thing as well...!!?!?!?!

We decided to go handheld rather than the bigger for-TV ones. Handhelds include Nintendo Game Cube Advance (GBA), Nintendo DS, and Sony PSP - the later 2 being more expensive than the GBA, but having more features, more little things you can do rather than just buttons to push.

Nintendo DS also plays the GBA games, so we decided to go with that and so far the kids are pretty into it! It has a pen thingy you can draw on the screen with and a microphone you can blow into - pretty neat.

See you soon Rachel! Can't wait!