Friday, 22 August 2008

We buy our winter boots in the summer...

we make bizarre concoctions with strange ingredients and then actually bake them in the oven.
we prefer being on the trampoline when its raining because you get more bounce.
the kiddos buy costco-sized tubs of halloween candy (in August) and they don't own a store to re-sell it all at.

oh, and we open our birthday boxes 3 weeks early (thanks Pump!):

are we weird?


We’ve been blog-tagged in a couple of places to come up with “six quirky, yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.”

Since this blog deals in the quirky and the boring of our lives already, here are six mildly quirky, extremely boring and most-assuredly-unspectacular details about our house

1. We built our house smack dab in the middle of a road. An age-old logging road - but a road nonetheless.
2. Prior to building our house, we lived for 5 years at the bottom of the hill, surrounded by trees, in a trailer that offered little to no natural light. So we designed our house with windows in every possible location and now have no place to put bookshelves. And we have a lot of books.
3. We had all of our interior walls painted the most whitish colour of white possible. Not only did we know this would make things brighter than what we were used to in the dungeon but we thought that this was the simplest solution to the weighty burden of having to make decisions on absolutely everything. Since then our white walls have been a source of much mockery. Slowly but surely this will subside, however, as our walls - mainly just the lower portions (curiously) - slowly transform to a sort of finger-printy brown-black colour.
4. I don’t like heights. So, logically, we built a tall house with a steep-pitched roof underneath several needle-shedding/ gutter-clogging conifers.
5. Our house is nameless. Our property has a name, but not our house. Bored yet?
6. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………


Pittsburgh Midwife said...

ha! I love #6! I think everyone believes that they are boring...but to somebody you might be the most fascinating people. You are unschoolers after all!

Totally OT...we are looking for a trampoline to buy and really like the looks of the one I saw in one of your youtube videos...would you mind telling me what brand it is?

mesmith said...

we love it... it's a SpringFree from Costco:

Pittsburgh Midwife said...

Thanks SOOOO much! Our bouncy boy will be happy once we finally get one & and his grandmother will be happy if we get this one with no springs to catch fingers with!

hahamommy said...

Boots & Canada... aaahh my favorite things ♥ There's a flowery pair of wellies in the consignment shop window, calling my name each time I drive by. I can see it now, me and Charlie, splashing in puddles with my boots and my Gorton's Fisherman's hat all winter long :)

Linda said...

Actually, I thought that was pretty interesting! I'm fascinated by how people make their living spaces, though. One of my quirky details.