Sunday, 17 August 2008

Uncle Pump

This is Uncle Pump. Up until a few years ago, Uncle Pump lived a couple kilometers down the trail from us. Now he lives a couple of days drive away, in the mountains (in the west-central part of British Columbia) with Marisa, two dogs and a turtle. Oh, Uncle Pump also goes by the name Jeff (Gillian's brother):

Here is the house Uncle Pump built:

Uncle Pump, living in the middle of nowhere as he does, would like us to come visit. He pretty much lives in paradise, so we are eager to make it happen one day. But, um, Uncle Pump also has these creatures hanging out just off the deck... and Fergus is a tasty fellow:

1 comment:

kelli said...

eek! A momma bear and her cubs... we just watched a show about animal attacks.. your bro looks nice and all; but...I'm a fearin' those bears!!