Saturday, 23 August 2008

Joined a new club

Is it Max?

Is it Otto?

Noooooo... its Eff sporting 1/112th of the stash contained in the box of goodies that arrived today from Rachel and co. Yeeee Ha.


We raised the net today... after a breif "rally", Effie was getting a little frustrated at her coordination skills so she had me do this instead. Lovely:

Bad Minton


Zenmomma said...

Show off! Those are some skillz dude!

Rachel said...

Hah! That's better than any Olympic event we've seen all summer! Well, actually we didn't watch any of the Olympics, but that was really impressive!

Frank said...

Any true racquet-sports enthusiast will tell ya that badminton is the most difficult of all the racquet sports.

Lookin' good!

Now, next time I have a sailing delivery, you GOTTA come along. We could use a guy like you!

kelli said...

And we thought beach volleyball was amazing! *g*

Rebecca said...

Effie is looking good in her stripey Hannas. It's nice to know there are some kindred stripe spirits out there.

By the way, C., your mad skills on the badminton court are truly inspiring. Awe inspiring.

Beachbum said...

That was totally wicked!

Effie looks great, too...