Friday, 15 August 2008


We live rurally.
Our mail gets delivered to a centralized mailbox.
Sometimes the most exciting part of our day is walking down the trail to fetch the mail.
If we're lucky, there is something interesting to be found inside.
If we're super lucky, inside will be a key and we get to open up the really big box to find a large parcel inside.
If we're just kinda lucky, instead of a key will be a piece of paper telling us to pick up a large parcel from the postal outlet in town.

Excitement mounts.

We finally make it to the postal outlet and are greeted by a large package.
Sometimes it is something spectacular.
Sometimes it is something we were not expecting.
Sometimes people spend WAY TOO MUCH money sending us things.
Sometimes it is...

Introducing the Northwest Unschooling Non-Con Host's Ugly-Wire-Vase-With-Fake-Oranges-And-Now-With-Bonus-Dragonfly-Adornment thingy:


Beachbum said...'s special!

On a side note, I tagged you on my blog! Copy what I did and fill in the blanks on YOUR blog :) QUIRKY MEME!

Zenmomma said...

Yay! It made it to you. Isn't it lovely? Makes me think twice about hosting another non-con. lol

kelli said...

Too funny! The personalized dragonfly on it totally rocks *g*

Rachel said...

Somehow I'm guessing you guys deserved that. :)