Sunday, 17 August 2008

Summer Weekend

Mainly we were glued to the tv watching the Olympics since we just got cable this morning, but otherwise...

Effie made some major modifications to her fort this weekend, adding a yard for chickens, a vegetable garden and a sheep corral:

Fergus recently completed all the levels in Wii Lego Indiana Jones so he's now back on Lego Star Wars. Good thing he recently erased all of his progress and has lots left to do:

We found some ugly bugs hanging out in one of the oaks and were later unable to identify them in any of our books. Effie has dubbed them "vampire bugs":

We got some flowers that came with wee little mesh hats:

And Gillian continued her birthday month with cake at Grandma and Grandpas:


Rebecca said...

Wow, those bugs are so cool! And kind of creepy. But they have great fashion sense.

They look very nymph-like with that armoured look the the little useless wings. That might be part of the reason they're so hard to ID.

You may want to ask the fine folks at "What's That Bug?"

::::wifemothermaniac:::: said...

I think those bugs are pretty beautiful!

Emma is just discovering this fort business, very fun.

I still hope to come out and meet you guys, we almost came to your town to check it out a couple of times this summer so far, hasn't happened yet but it will, it will!

(rachel on Pe**er)

Zenmomma said...

Tag, you're it! Show us your quirks. :o)