Saturday, 19 July 2008

The week at RU Fun

Well, a pile of Unschooly families came by plane, car and boat to Saltspring Island this past week to play in the sun... here's a quick review of THE BEST WEEK EVER in pictures.

Raft builders:

Floating the RU Fun/ Swedish Flag/ Cedar Beach Resort raft:

Hamish the non-conformist:

The white shirted "team":

Jon and Ferg


Fisherman Dan: Dan has since informed me that he was not fishing but rather was holding the pole for someone else... Pole-holder Dan:

MJ with two targets of many a kidnapping plot:

Conor and Madeline rescue a wayward inner tube:

Effie giving James a tattoo:

Chief cook/ bottle washer/ salmon de-boner:

Millions of shrimpies on the barbie:

Unschoolers and schedules don't quite mesh - but we had loads of scheduled funshops nonetheless. Rachel's sandcastle building funshop was strangely given a four hour time slot and we had fun making her stay out in the hot sun and the stinky wet sand for the full amount of time:

Some fruits of the tie-dye funshop:

Emma, Beth and Emma's big beer:

Unschooly campfire sing-a-longs include guitars, keyboards, electric bass and upright bass:

The Wahoo Winklers fish with their Shrek fishing pole:

Effie and I given (a modest version of) the James Fish Eye treatment:



Zenmomma said...

THE BEST WEEK EVER for sure! Good thing my family is in those pictures so they can prove (sort of) that I was there too. :o)

Linda said...

Love the photos. Wish we could have been there. Next year for sure! (You're doing it again, right?!?)

mesmith said...

Linda - unofficial word on the street is that we wouldn't want those passports of yours to go to waste.

Frank said...

It was a helluva week with the most incredible weather! And there was even a sufficiency of salmon. Phew!

helen said...

love the view from here - well, actually the view from the was pretty dang spectacular:) thank you ever so much for all the work that made this a reality - a most superbly amazing week for all of us:)