Thursday, 10 July 2008

Dah da da DAH, Dah da da

Indiana Jones has now officially supplanted Star Wars as the inspiration of choice around here lately (so much for living on the fringe of society and rejecting the trendy offerings of corporate America). Indy movies, Indy books, Indy music, Indy Lego and the Indy Lego Wii game all combine to fill the kiddos heads with endless ideas, situations and opportunity for exploration. The house has been transformed into an Indiana Jones battleground with multiple Indys zooming around and shouting out the theme song (“Dah da da DAH, Dah da da”) repeatedly and at high volume. The stairs, once a boring/ unencumbered feature offering safe travel between floors, are now a death trap of tangled rope used for zip-lining dollys and various mountain climbing pursuits (actually, I have no idea if the ropes are part of the Indiana Jones theme or not!?!). As well, Fergus has taken to digging up the back yard/forest with his shovel - digging with a shovel being a key component in the Lego game.

Here’s a picture Effie recently drew, depicting her view of Indiana Jones’ world:


And in nowhere-near-related news, but speaking of “Dah da da DAH, Dah da da”… I ask the following deep, ponderous question: is there a finer laugh-out-loud cinematic moment than the “Da-Da-Dun-Na” scene in the cruelly underrated teen/surf flick “Blue Crush”? I think not.
Video :: Da-Da-Dun-Na


Wendy said...

How funny...I saw the post title and sang the song immediately. :-) It sounds like the kiddos are having a wonderful time....and it's not even Sunday yet!!! :-)

And I *love* that scene in Blue Crush. Yes, a completely underrated movie. Shelby & I enjoy that movie immensely. I personally think the water shots in it are beautiful. Really. :-)

Frank said...

I confess that I enjoyed Blue Crush more than some Fellini "art" films I've seen.

mesmith said...

Excellent! Fellow Blue Crushers... abd here I thought I was being somewhat obscure.

dharmamama said...

I have been ignorant of the Blue Crush phenomenon.. thank you for your enlightenment.

I had the Indy theme as my cell ringtone for quite a while - until the new movie came out! I always got such a rush as I raced through the house, trying to find it, with Dah da da DAH, Dun ta da playing.