Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Convo in the bath

An example of grasping one portion of the (attempted) explanation and not letting go…

Fergus: Daddy, do you remember that time when I hurt my legs and you had to carry me into the bath?
Daddy: (not really) “oh, yeah! uh-huh.”
Fergus: Did I have an injury?
Daddy: “Yeah, I guess so”
Fergus: “What’s an injury”
Daddy: “Well, it’s like if I hurt my toe and it is painful, I would have a sore toe. But if I hurt my toe badly enough and couldn’t play soccer, then I would have an injury”.
(lengthy discussion about whether I had really hurt my toe or not)
Daddy: “It is sort of like… if you hurt yourself and it prevents you from doing something, then that is an injury.
Fergus: “Oh, so if I wanted to bring the Kleenexes into the bath and play with them and get them wet but you didn’t let me… that would be an injury?”
Daddy: “ah, no, not quite”
Fergus: (feeling quite smug at this point) “So if I threw you on the fire but you didn’t want to burn, that would be an injury?”
Daddy: (???) “Yes, in a way”

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Beachbum said...

Sounds WAY too familiar to me :)