Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Fergus the space traveller and other misadventures

Quote of the month: Fergus, while emptying his bladder on a tree, “one day I’m going to pee on another planet”.

Someone’s been watching the period movies again:

Spidey times two...

Fergus, the wishful pet owner, finally got himself some pets! Courtesy of Rachel, he now has (a minimum of) four Sea Monkeys! And he’s taking pretty good care of them too. So far they look nothing like their depictions in the back of comic books. I’m used to the disappointment however… those x-ray glasses never worked out as advertised either.


diana(hahamommy) said...

I'm wondering.... does Fergus see himself living, and thereby peeing, on another planet someday OR does he see himself in space, takin' a whizz on the whole 'nother planet?

mesmith said...

HaHa - I'll have to find a way to ask him. Perhaps he meant peeing on one planet from another planet?!?!