Friday, 4 July 2008

Meanwhile, back in the modern world

Finally! After months and months of strenuous workouts, I managed to concentrate long enough to make it through a song without missing a note!

Upon my grand accomplishment, Effie says to me: "hey Dad, now you're as good as MJ. Remember when she got 100%? You know, young people are able to learn things quicker."

But never mind all that.... YEEEEEE HAAAAA.... 100%!!!!!!!


Zenmomma said...

Woohoo! 100%! I'll make sure MJ knows that you stayed in BC this weekend for a VERY good reason. ;-)

Ronnie said...

All hail the master! Hail!

But I bet you could have done that *here* too!

kelli said...

Awesome Craig! *bowing*

Wendy said...

I am mightily impressed!!! I'm happy when I'm around %75. Congrats!

Frank said...

Your trampoline skills look pretty good, too. Now, to be a totally bad rocker, combine the two for monster awesome rocking!