Saturday, 21 July 2007

Computer-Free Day


Rebecca said...

Hey! Looks like our house!

The Day When Nothing Much Happens.

Grant's already trying to figure out how long it will take me to finish (as I have done other things today, like spend money on wool, and I have to go to Calgary tomorrow for the day - but Harry's coming with me for the flights). Just back off, I say! LOL

Zenmomma said...

My kids haven't let me near the book yet. Conor zoomed through it and finished in a day. Qacei is ****almost***** done. Then it's MY turn. Bwhahahaha!!!!!

I see Canada gets the UK book cover. Does that mean you get the UK book version too? It's only dumbed down for us Americans?

mesmith said...

Well then you'll hate us Mary - only Gillian reads HP here at the moment. She's finished so it now sits ignored and unloved! Yes, we get the UK high-brow version.

kelli said...

Ooh, very cool :) I hadn't seen that cover yet.

I like reading both versions ;)I have 2 in the UK version, but others in our house don't like them. So it's just for me.

I'm off to read. :)

Zenmomma said...

I'm DONE! I just finished this afternoon. So happy,and yet kinda sad.