Friday, 6 July 2007

Thrill Test

The kiddos are big gum fans - at least off and on. Fergus will chew pretty much any flavour/ any colour. There are a couple of types that his sister doesn't allow him to chew indoors because of the way the smell affects her. Last weekend, the Canada Day parade candy was quite uninspired - double bubble and tootsie rolls! Of course Ferg repeatedly combined the two that day into a chewy, gooey mess and thoroughly grossed-out his Grandma and Grandpa... and my shorts received nice pinky-brown splotches on them somehow.

Yeah, it's a slow blog day...

So recently I was telling an excited Effie about this gum we used to chew that tasted like soap. For some reason this intrigued her and for a while the daily question for me was "have you found any soapy gum yet"? I finally did and her enthusiasm was, predictably, short lived. Fergus on the other hand seemed unaffected by the soapy taste and kept on chewin. Me thinks gum says quite a great deal about our kids.

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