Thursday, 19 July 2007

Garden Candy

Fresh garden peas are like candy to the kiddos in the summertime. Of course, for them, candy is like candy too. Fergus is especially fond of the sugary version these days and can, for example, munch down a lollipop in no time flat. This he does in between mouth fulls of bell peppers and (strangely) frozen, low-quality, cut-up vegetables!

Some years we have a good crop of peas in our own garden. We didn't quite get around to planting them (yet) this year. Thank goodness Grandpa lives just 45 minutes down the road! Here's a photo of this year's crop (the brown earth). In the background are our apple trees that, once we plant in the ground, will hopefully provide us with some tasty treats some day. We may have to put stickers on them so the kids will recognize what they are!

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