Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Unexpected uses for a trampoline

Now, I knew they were for jumping, I'm no idiot.
And I've been around a bit, so I've seen a bit of laughing and goofing around, and was down with that too.

But cross country running?
(really, "running round in circles", but don't you think cross country running sounds so much more accomplished?)
Jumping in the rain?
Jumping while the sprinkler runs underneath the mat?
(usually only if it isn't raining, but sometimes also when it is)
(Need a nap after all that wrestling I guess)

Star gazing?
(even cloud gazing you can still see bats, and sometimes owls)

(I wish I could take credit for this so-far-by-me (us?) untested use, but it actually came to me via my friend...,
oh geez, maybe I'll just keep that to myself, but she knows who she is - maybe she'll comment? In case she doesn't, lets just make sure you know she said "great sex", not just any old sex!? Still I don't think it rains much where she's from, do you suppose that would make a difference?)

The real point I am trying to make is, whoever is responsible for marketing these trampolines is doing a piss poor job! Do they mention any of these uses on their website? Perhaps one of them there marketing professionals will read this and decide to hire me? There is a serious untapped market out there - if we had known all this beforehand we would have rushed out and bought a trampoline before we even had kids for goodness sake! And I haven't even gotten started talking about how many cold drinks I can consume while sitting out here in the summer sun blogging away on the laptop while both my kids are blissfully entertained together on the trampoline (I'm not fooling you right? This is the west coast we are talking about, it is raining and we are inside watching tv).


DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

HA! What friend would send you a note to have sex on the trampoline??? How dare they! GRIN.

balloonatikmama said...

A sparkly friend for sure...