Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Balloon Skate

In anticipation of Live and Learn 2007 in Asheville, NC, I had great plans to learn to skate this summer as stylishly as Albuquerque Dave. However, so far our lack of a non-public, flat surfaces has scuppered this lofty goal. Tiki’s big summer project is becoming more proficient at balloon twisting so she’s about to apply for a downtown busking license and inflict her talents on unsuspecting cruise ship visitors on 12 hour release. Terms of the busking agreement in by-lawed-to-death, no-fun Victoria indicate that she is only allowed to accept donations and that she must provide “entertainment”. Entertaining pictures to follow!

For a family that prefers to live life without an agenda, road map or targeted goals - all this is truly revolutionary for us. Here’s an inflatable minute brought to you by Addi, balloon supplies donator to L&L 2007, that combines both skating and funky balloon hats into one enjoyable experience…

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