Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Yesterday I made Fergus a cake cause his fourth birthday was in exactly 3 months and two days and that day will never happen again. His favorite colour is green. His favorite food group is icing. His favorite canvas is his face. I perhaps created a bit of a monster as he totally got into the whole surprise birthday thing ("its MY birthday, I get ALL the cake for myself") and Effie has designs on a pink cake for HER surprise birthday. We invited the-people-who-live-down-the-road but it was late and they were hottubing and Tiki went into town bra* shopping in advance of our upcoming vacation to the hotbed of BC, the Okanagan, so it was just the three of us. Fergus wore a hat.

*Regarding "Bras"… today I yelled out "bras!" in public for what might have been the first time ever - I'm not certain. I was exchanging some of Tiki's purchases (this happens a lot for me - especially the day after they're bought - woe is my life!) when the "service specialist" at MEC poked his head out of the back room across the busy floor "those were t-shirts right?" and I replied with the aforementioned bra announcement. I felt very metro!


zenmomma said...

What totally cool Dad! I want a surprise birthday. :o)

diana-still-evolving said...

What a dad!
I think we're making *today will never come again* cookies this afternoon!
What a hubby!
I thought purse holding pushed the limit-- bra returning?!? You've set a new standard, m'friend ♥

DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

Okay, so at least you haven't needed to have the discussion with your daughter yet that she needs to consider wearing a bra. Sorscha says, "No WAY." We're in the negotiating stages, talking about all the bra options that are out there. BG