Friday, 8 June 2007

Passport process continued

Phase 2, Step 2 in the adventure that is getting ourselves to North Carolina in September: filling out and submitting the passport applications. Passport lineups have been crazy since the new border policy came out in January - we're talking people paying the homeless to stand in line for them all day type crazy. I was prepared (music, newspaper, cell phone, camera, pipe & slippers) for the long haul and I planned to get some shots of the unruly crowd, but I was a little disappointed that the lineup was minimal and the whole thing took only an hour. So instead, here's a photo of our local, rural Veterinarian signing our passports as our guarantor. I've shielded her face to preserve her professionalism since in the forefront you'll notice my effort to grease the palms of our friendly, neighbourhood Vet. Thanks Margaretha of Woodley Ghyll Drive in Metchosin, BC, Canada for doing this for us. oh shoot…woops.

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