Saturday, 16 June 2007


People think we're a bit lazy, a bit messy and a bit nutty but I tell you it pays to not clean out the car from one big adventure (April's trip to Oregon) when the next one is only a couple months away! We're currently hanging in Penticton with Tiki's entire family, smothering Grandad for Father's day weekend - and the best thing about the trip is that it didn't take that long to pack the car... all the toys, gear and Fergus' gum were already in place. But I forgot the little cord thing that connects the camera to the computer so here's a somewhat recent photo of a tiger at the Portland zoo in lieu of proper travel pics.

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Anonymous said...

See... if you had a Sony laptop instead of that silly Mac-thingy, you could just plug the memory stick right into the computer -- no cords required. WE WANT TRAVEL PICTURES!!