Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Why "The Wonderful Happens"?

Shameless theft from Cynthia Rylant and Coco Dowley's darling picture book "The Wonderful Happens".

"the wonderful happens every day: peaches grow, bees buzz, and it rains. water makes tea, apples make pie, and it snows."

My friend zenmomma Mary, a huge James fan, has reminded me of the lyrics to a great 1997 James song called "Waltzing Along". The last verse goes:

May your mind let you be opened by the wonderful
May your heart lead you on
May your mind set you free (be opened by the wonderful) of all disasters
May your heart lead you on

Here's an audio-clip, click on the title or the arrow - if it asks for your ID, just click on "later", it will still let you listen to the clip by clicking on the play arrow at the top left of the page that opens:

And so our title becomes even more relevant! Thanks Mary. This aptly named blog is a spot to record and share our everyday wonderful moments with those we love, some of whom are very far away and missed most dearly. May your mind be opened by the wonderful!

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zenmomma said...

I thought it was a reference to a line in a James (who else?) song, "May your heart be opened by the wonderful." :o) Glad to see you and hubby are blogging.