Friday, 11 May 2007

Drive-by smiles

The kiddos had never travelled much more than an hour in the car before and that was with the lure of cool steam train rides at the Forest Discovery Centre up island. So taking the 1 and a half hour ferry and 6 hour car ride south to Corvallis, OR was a bit daunting. That and Fergus doesn't exactly have a great travelling track record. In brief, he likes to scream loud and violently on plane rides. He already has a namesake on the no-fly list so there'll be no executive-class upgrades in our family's future (nor kind, friendly flight attendent service and meals but that goes for pretty much everyone). But thanks to a tonne of wrapped treasures handed out at key intervals, exciting car games and the grand total of four songs played over and over and over and over again... we made it. And somewhere along the line we managed to have an awesome time. Never mind the kids, check out the head-bopping action on the part of the enthusiastic driver!

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