Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Three sisters having babies

In honour of Jamesie's imminent newborn, Craig made this gorgeous video of Gini's and my 4 babies, and Jamesie's (and Mason's) belly.

I wish for Jamesie and Mason a trust in themselves and their baby that I was slow to achieve. Feel it deep down, trust that inner feeling and go with it. Take a deep breath of intoxicating baby smell and ride the wave of fear beyond doubt to a deep and true belief in yourselves and your new trio.

With love, tiki.

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Rachel said...

Well, lookie here! Another blog! I love them both. And another wonderful video. Keep posting these little movies, and we will absolutely keep watching (I have to check out this photobucket thing--didn't know about it...as usual, you are keeping us posted on cool things.)