Monday, 28 May 2007

Watery Eyes

This is a field of Scotch Broom. Lovely ain't it!?! For those not fortunate enough to live on Vancouver Island and parts of the Pac Northwest (or in Scotland) you may know not its impact. Its an invasive, noxious weed and each plant regenerates itself through hundreds of seeds each year. So despite years of pulling, whacking, burning, stomping and cursing it keeps coming back and at our place, for example, we have somewhere near 6 million of the suckers - give or take a few hundred. The worst thing about broom, latin name "Scottishius Broomitius Hatchoodium" is that I'm allergic to the stuff just like a lot of other people. So, in May and June I tend to stay indoors and sneeze as opposed to hanging out outside and sneezing. This year - out of nowhere - there emerges this bouquet toting, yellow blossom floating, "I'm not allergic to it yet, Daddy"-quoting, chicky-poo and her love of all things floral. She's just finished decorating her Arbutus tree in some sort of Broom creation (mistletoe!) and I'm too itchy and sneezey to bother to take a picture as I'm reminded that its her tree and she can do with it as she likes. I'm hiding all the vases - there's no way that stuff is coming in the house (he says).

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