Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Life is Good video

Three months later, here's a video for the May, 2008 Life is Good Unschooling Conference - starring the nine heads of Frank!
Interesting timing, given we're sadly missing the final Live and Learn Conference this week.

Life is Good 2008

Life is Good 2008 from mesmith on Vimeo.

(if the embedded version here isn't playing for you, try clicking on one of the hotlinked "Life is Good 2008" titles above or below it, they'll take you right to the source and should work fine)


Rachel said...

Love it! What a great song for it, going back and forth between the frenzy and the blissful quiet of it. I do have to note that it is a song about the man of steel and ILLINOIS (!)...but I know you will have so many other good songs up your sleeve for your visit here that I need not fear all the good "Illinois" songs are used up. (Sufjan needs to make a CD about a west coast state!)

But, wow, we had lots of fun, didn't we? The talent show and the balloon sword madness and throngs of teenagers moving about the park as one and all that dance dance dancing...and Frank and his head banging! Fantastic! Thanks so much for making this—and most especially for posting it on a day when I am feeling sad that so many unschoolers are packing up and heading for the final L&L...I think we're going to need some consolation iChatting this week. What do you say? :)

Sierra Mama said...

Did the video get moved? I can't see it and vimeo says it doesn't exist.

balloonatikmama said...

The titles above and below the video are hotlinked too, so if the version embedded here isn't working for some reason, click on one of them and it should take you to the source and you should be fine. If not, let us know and Craig will post it elsewhere.

Carolyn said...

LOVED the video (when I finally got my turn at the "good" computer and was able to watch it...what's up with these unschooler kids and their computer time anyway? :) ) BTW - Gillian -- I think that was a hand motion I did at the Campfire sing-along...not anything I did during my bald headed man song...just to be clear. So now that we're 75% unpacked...when are you coming down? :)