Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Ferg gets his Honky Tonk on for Lightning McQueen

The plan was to have a wee visual retrospective up and running in time for Fergus’ birthday last weekend but by the time the weekend rolled around, the half-built video required a bit more footage. Not a problem, I thought - we’ve still got gift-opening at home, a party with his main-man Quinton and celebrations with Grandma and Grandpa to document. And in the end, all that was achieved. But plans for the video (including, shockingly, more of Fergus bouncing on the trampoline!) got sidetracked significantly by “Fergus-and-the-case-of-the-Lightning-McQueen- piñata”.

Natural observers at heart, our kiddos have witnessed - from a safe vantage point - many a piñata beaten to a pulp at birthday parties and solstice celebrations alike. Oh sure, they’d get in on the mad-candy-scramble at the end but never have they partaken in the actual stick-wielding, carnage-creating bliss. So we got Fergus a “Cars” themed piñata (and thankfully Gillian and Mom told me you had to actually fill it yourself) and strung it up, only to find out that it was not a whac-a-mole type piñata but rather its gentler, tamer cousin, a ribbon-pull piñata. That made sense, we thought, as this way you get to still have the fun, release the candy, AND preserve that fine cardboard-n-paper, automotive craftsmanship.

Fergus-and-the-case-of-the-Lightning-McQueen- piñata featuring the music of Detektivbyrån (Honky Tonk Wermland)

Fergus said, after watching this video, “I love Lightning McQueen. But I don’t love Lightning McQueen”. A good thought for this day! You can sense his heartfelt, yet confused, adoration in every tortured swing, stomp and toss inflicted upon the defenceless (yet still smiling) beast.


Beachbum said...

Happy Fifth B-day, Fergus!!! We are thinking of you! Thanks for lighting up our world, too!!!

By the way, I love Lightning, but I don't love him, too...

Zenmomma said...


Rachel said...

That was a FANTASTIC video. We just watched it twice here, as Max and Otto were hysterical with laughter and wanted to see Fergus destroy it all over again (putting it in the basketball net was a nice touch, as was the final removal of any proof that the car was once Lightning—he loved that thing to death, for sure).

It's a good thing that you got the kind you could hold and not whack, since you clearly don't have any trees around to hang the more traditional whack-it pinata. And oh, yeah, that music is so very delicious. I can't wait for the whole CD! :)