Saturday, 13 September 2008


On the day he was born, Fergus laid in the middle of our big bed, quietly soaking up the September sun, and slept.
Still and quiet.
At peace with his journey into this world.

This confused us to no end. We were not prepared for this. What would we do? All we knew about babies, from our experience with Effie four years earlier, was that they screamed and needed us ALL. THE. TIME. Babies did not just lay there and go to sleep by themselves?

How exactly were we supposed to spend 24 hours a day by his side without him, gasp, actually needing us 24 hours a day?

On the day after he was born, Fergus did not lay in the middle of our big bed, he did not quietly soak up the September sun, and he did not sleep. Actually, from that day forward Fergus has wiggled, yelped, sneered, laughed uproariously and stormed his way through life with wild abandon.

What a relief! Thank you, our obstinate little Goose, for being you.
And Happy Birthday!


Zenmomma said...

Happy birthday Beautiful, Sweet, Amazing Boy!

Rachel said...

Oh, that rare and beautiful sighting of Fergus' darling face and gorgeous eyes. How I wish I would see more of them! Happy Birthday, you wiggling, sneering, yelping, laughing boy! We love you!

Schuyler said...

Happy Birthday Fergus! I was talking about you yesterday. I'll talk about you some today, too.

Love!! From Simon and Linnaea, too.

helen said...

happy birthday fergus! from all the lively people, but especially the favoured ones;)

whooo hooo! 5 is where it's at.

nice piece of writing, father of HFBM:)

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday, Fergus! Man, that is a gorgeous photo of him.

hahamommy said...

What a wonderful gift he is! Thanks for sharing him with the rest of us ♥