Sunday, 2 March 2008


It's March! And that means (at least) two things here: 1) time to start/continue gloating to the rest of the country that stuff is blooming, and 2) Easter egg huntin' season!!!

So far we've had two hunts. One was a spring-training warm-up that included 11 cool kiddos and the other was the more coventional two-person practice run ("the next one is yours and then the one after that is mine"). As there are currently four eggs lost in the woods, a lot of practice is still required.

Easter is a bigtime holiday for us:

I went outside with the camera intending to capture some "buds to make everyone jealous by". Instead of buds and blooms, I found some panties growing in a tree!?!


kelli said...

I'm not jealous at all.... argh, -4 right now.. *cry*

and..interesting Blue Flowered Pantie Tree, That's a pretty rare variety I hear!

dharmamama said...

It's the little blue flowers - time for them to uh, yes, bloom. Either that or one of those Easter eggs hatched some undies.

balloonatikmama said...

The "Blue Flowered Pantie Tree" actually had 3 other varieties of boom on it as well. Must be a western indigenous species - do you not have it in the east? They usually bloom after a long stint of watching Little House on the Prairie, when your young one asks if it is ok to get these panties wet as she never wears them anyway (!?) and promptly heads outside to do some hand washing in a bucket! And then air drying in a tree... In the meantime there is usually some inclement weather and you forget about said panties until you are entertaining and showing folks around and low and behold, there is an underwear tree in your backyard! Ta da!

Then your husband rushes to clear panties out of said tree (OCD issues) and then reappears with a camera to replace panties for photo op. You laugh and laugh. Fun all around. You really otta head up here for some spring fun you guys!

balloonatikmama said...

boom = bloom
see, the fun never ends, the trees even boom!

kelli said...

Visits-- we're trying.. we're trying :)