Monday, 3 March 2008

Talking with the Fergus

The other night, just prior to sleep...

Fergus: "I like your shirt."
Daddy: "Thanks. I like yours."
Fergus: "I like all of you."
Daddy: "Aaaw! I like all of you too."
Fergus: "I don't like your skin or your glasses or your insides though."
Fergus: "I like your bones."
Daddy: "Thanks."
Fergus: "I like your ring. That's a nice ring."
Daddy: "Thank you. That's my wedding ring from when I married Mommy."
Fergus: "That's where they put you in a hole."
Daddy: "Married... not buried."
Fergus: "Did you get a trophy for getting married?"
Daddy: "Um, no."
Fergus: "Some people get trophies when they get weded."
(note: I'm guessing I should have said "yes" to that last one!)


diana(hahamommy) said...

wouldn't your amazing wife be your trophy?? Maybe that's what her son was fishing for ;)
(dang it, just *reading* what the kid says makes my eggs squeal!!!)

diana(hahamommy) said...

and you should tell him, some people get trophies when they're deaded, too :) (ala Hannah's Urn)

Ronnie said...

What a guy! Both of you, actually. :-)