Saturday, 15 September 2007

We're home now!

Yeah for cool, crisp non-humid air! Yeah, no more butt-sweat-soaked shorts (this is a common thing right?). Internet acccess has been spotty at best. The blogs have suffered. My Mario Kart for Nintendo DS prowess has benefited. This picture aptly sums up our two week holiday... shopping for toys in Target:


balloonatikmama said...

...wearing tie dye t-shirts the goddess Diana helped them make! Amazing folks enjoying our kids and helping them at every turn - delighting in them, delighting in their "joyful din"! - that's what this photo helps me remember.

We were so completely surrounded by incredible loving joyful unschooling families and their awesome generosity and love, that it has taken getting home to realize how truly in a dream world we were!

To all of you dreamy folks who made our trip so fantastic - too many to name, but you *know* who you are - a thank you so sincere! It is already far too long to have been apart from you and we only got home yesterday!

~Crystal~DaikiniCrossroads said...

"Butt sweat shorts...common thing?" Only I would have the answer to that...

Missed seeing ya!