Saturday, 15 September 2007

South Carolina

We had a wonderful couple of days in Columbia, SC staying with the Lovejoys. Now there's a pretty darn amazing family for you. In a multitude of ways. Not least of which the fact that they welcomed us into there home immediately following their hosting of the Live and Learn conference (when they should have been sleeping for two weeks straight). Fine southern hospitality from people who "get" our little familial quirks (though I was secretly really hoping that Fergus would hug Ben goodbye when Ben extended his arms to Ferg... instead of kicking him, playfully, in the shins as he did).

Effie at the pool...

Fergus turned four while we were away. A birthday on the road - just like last year. This time we were better prepared.

The Lovejoys threw Ferg a birthday party complete with a Fergus favorite - breakfast for dinner. The b'day cake laden with worker vehicles was a massive hit as well.

Yes, Ferg did get some Max n' Otto-inspired star wars light sabre thingys for his birthday. Duncan graciously offered to sacrifice his body and test them out with a determined Fergus. Ferg has never seen Star Wars but his moves are pretty authentic -though perhaps more middle ages than whenever in the future that Star Wars takes place.

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