Saturday, 1 September 2007

Eastward ho

Itinerary for the next few days:
Ferry; Hotel; Wake up REALLY early; Fly; Hang out in Chicago for 3 hours; Fly; Hotel; Drive; SHINE.

Somewhere in all that there may be a whole lot of screaming. Fergus has a reputation as an airplane screamer and he may have more reason than ever to test people's patience. For starters, the lovely folks at Air Canada lost our eleven-months-booked-in-advance flights and we're now "officially" sitting in four different locations on our flight to Chicago. This obviously will not happen, but I do dream that the soon-to-be four year old Ferg will be seated between a businessman and a some sort of stodgy, aged gentleman. Secondly, he may be suitably grumpy and well-rested enough to exercise his in-flight lung capacity since he and Hamish managed to finds a wasp nest today in the forest and the minimum six stings Fergus received (and the resulting antihistamines) has at the very least given him one good night's sleep.

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