Saturday, 15 September 2007

Columbia and Charlotte

The best part of the Riverbanks zoo in Columbia was feeding the dive-bombing Lorikeets and the massive goat-like beasts (or just simply "goats"!). Otherwise, yes, zoos continue to depress us. In Charlotte, we escaped the muggy-aired downpour by spending an afternoon in Discovery Place - a so-so entertaining child science discovery centre (I mean c'mon, "rat basketball"?... sheeple actually sit there with pom-poms cheering on their rat to score hoops!?!). A better time was had riding the glass elevator at the hotel.

Elevator Vid


Rachel said...

Blast! I can't watch this elevator video. But it sounds funny. I'll keep checking back, but from YouTube, I'm getting only the sound.

Looks like fun at the zoo (parrots and tigers and goats, oh my!).

AnneO said...

We LOVE the Lorikeets at the Columbia Zoo ~ our favorite part, also. We visited it AGES ago...a the first Live and Learn conference (and the second, too!... ;)!

I can't believe you were gone from home for SO long...what an adventure...what a glorious way to expand your worlds!