Sunday, 13 January 2013

Write My Name On A Map And Ask The Ranger Where I'm At

He may sit in the same spot everyday - but he gets a lot done!

Glittered Rainbow Warrior:

Ferg learns that age-old life lesson - car sickness is not cured with a couple double cheeseburgers (meanwhile, over his shoulder, a garbage can swallows a garbage can):

Excited for ice cream cake in January:

The culprit with the January birthday...

Meeting the grand-whippet:

Imparting Settlers of Catan knowledge to grandma:

9 months of frazzle solved with haircut (photo rendered b/w to obscure colourey lights above subject's right shoulder which may or may not be on a tree which may or may not still be up... and now I've ruined my obscuring efforts):

oh my...

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