Sunday, 27 January 2013

Know Who You Are At Every Age

Dad of the year candidate...
bridge from mesmith on Vimeo.

I'm glad you are a girl
I'm pleased to know you
I like you for you
I'm happy you're growing up

Reach and you won't lose me
Destroy the objective, but still survive
You are angry and that's okay

I am not afraid of your anger
What do you need? What do you want?
I love you and I know that you can figure it out

pur (Cocteau Twins)


Rachel said...

That is such a beautiful song for a parent/daughter conversation (or at least one to be had in the parent's head). I didn't even know it, although I have my share of Cocteau Twins music. I suppose once Elizabeth Frazier started singing in words you could actually understand, I might have lost interest. Glad that the bridge held out for both of your crossings.

mesmith said...

It is. I never really "heard" the words before. I think you're right about enunciation but I gave REM a one album pass (Document) before I felt they were on the decline. there wasn't much after CT's four calendar cafe anyway.

Rebecca said...

It is a beautiful song. Still have that CD rattling around in the cupboard somewhere.

The subtitles help with the lyric understanding, though. I don't think I listen to music for the words all that often.

mesmith said...

same here Rebecca, or at least I prefer snippets of words from songs. ie: intriguing sentences. but that's obvious, just ask Gillian or peruse any blog title I've ever made!!

Rachel said...

Oh, I love lyrics. I spent hours of my youth with a tape recorder, stopping and starting songs to make out their lyrics, which I would painstakingly write out in notebooks. But I definitely don't need lyrics to enjoy a song, and I love when someone like Elizabeth Frazier uses her voice as an instrument, so it doesn't really matter what she says. I would always just make up my own lyrics to sing along. I remember one CT song that went (for me): chopped salad, chopped salad, oh, the pots, the peas, the corn. It was especially cool, then, to realize that these lyrics were so meaningful. Especially reading them now.